We Are Far From Limited

It is time for all human beings to realize we are far from limited. That was programmed into us, to keep us firmly in the lower dimensions, it is time to get rid of them and go back to where we belong. We have abilities and powers that far surpass anything we can imagine. This is why we are called the creator race. There are a few articles below that you need to read. Yet realize this, as you raise you vibrations (also in the mind section) and open your heartmind, you memories will begin to return. Then only good things and accurate information can and will enter your space.

What you once thought was insurmountable and impossible, will suddenly become a “joke” to you, because you can even redirect hurricanes and other so called “natural disasters”. Gaia (Earth) is a conscious being, and not a pile of dirt as we have been taught, and it is when you reach out to her thru your heartmind you can stop what is happening.

She is stretching now, and removing all the negative energies she has collected for eons, because of our misuse of her. Much like a dog shakes off water, after a swim. Well just like we have ascension symptoms, she does also. We are connected, and in the same way we can minimize our discomfort by raising our vibrations and light, we can also seriously downgrade these powerful “natural disasters”. Become the love we are and shine your light, do not ask that they go away or move off, this will happen on its own. That is like trying to fight fire with fire….it never works. Century after century we have proven this. The game is done and over, let’s go home.

Read below, and by all means reach out to me for guidance.

There are many on this planet now to help others thru their ascension process, and we are known as wayshowers. No one is better than another, we are just on different parts of our paths. Hence the name “way shower”, we are here to show others the way to the light. Not hard, yet it has been very dark where we have been, let me shine a light and direct you on your journey.

Central Sun Transmission: Absorbing New Light Codes

This is great advice for ascension symptoms from Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Shelley Young:

“Dear Ones, there are energetic shifts that occur that may affect you in different ways. Some are energizing, and make sleeping difficult. Some energies require you to be very still but awake in order to integrate. Some require you to be in a deep sleep so you are most out of your own way in order to receive it. But all of the energies you receive are for your growth and expansion.

There are some things you can do to assist you in the process. The first is listen to your body. It has an innate intelligence that always knows exactly what you need. If you feel like you need rest, give it to yourself. If you crave certain foods, understand your body is looking for those nutrients and fuel it with what it is asking for. Drinking ample water is always recommended, as dehydration is common.

Acceptance is key! If you feel energetic intensity, rather than resisting, embrace it. Intend to accept the incoming energy wholeheartedly and with appreciation. A simple yet effective affirmation is, ‘I am shifting gratefully with grace and ease.’

The fact that you are receiving these energies speaks to your own growth and readiness and is something to be celebrated.

Last, don’t forget we are here to assist you! If you have had yet another sleepless night, simply request to be infused with the energy you need to get through your day. Ask to be supported with all that you need to function beautifully through all of your tasks, and you’ll be amazed at how much easier your day goes. Don’t forget to use the endless supports that are available to you, for there is much we can do to ease your process.

Do not fear, Dear Ones. All of this is proof positive the shift is happening. You are doing a magnificent job, one energetic shift at a time. The symptoms pass but the benefits remain as you embody more and more of your divine truth as an enlightening human being on an ascending planet.”

~Archangel Gabriel

Here’s a wealth of information about Planetary Stewardship:

Spiritual Maturity by Lisa Renee

What Does the Extreme Weather Mean?

Arcturian Group Message: We Are Pure Love

This explains a lot of what’s going on in the world right now:

Archangel Metatron: The Winds & Waters of Change

The following article explains our power. There was a lot of love and light produced rather than the fear (as the media wanted), and Irma’s effect on Florida was minimal. I know in the Caribbean it was bad, yet not here in the States. I have many family and friends throughout the entire state of Florida, and they said they were fine. Again in the article I wrote on ind5 (also below), I state what Earth do you want to be on? Again I say that. BTW this was written before the storm hit Florida, it was only published after.

Irma? Can we stop her!!!

Distracted again! How Irma guides us away from Wholeness

Below are a set of video blogs (hence the name vlogs) from a woman I highly respect. Listen to these short vlogs (about 10 minutes each), to get the big picture, of where we came from, what happened and where we are going. NOTE: New vlogs are added weekly.