Here are some of the real life stories from real people who have worked together with Fred and Lucina to be reunited with their Divine Twin Flame.

“I want to tell you story…. just because I feel a need to.

It is maybe only about one week ago I found out about the existence of Fred Greaves.

I saw a video on YouTube.

Don’t know how that happened.

I became curious and took a look on his web-sites and I found out about the amazing story of him and

I contacted Fred and I even made an appointment to talk with him.

I can talk to Lucina too now.

I can tell you… I’ve met 2 wonderful BE-ings.

In one way I can’t remember exactly what I “shared” with both of them.

But… they both entered IN my heart!

The LOVE they share, the way they appreciate and LOVE each-other.

That’s beyond words.

“How” can I express what I feel about them if it can’t be put into words?

It’s feeling, feeling, feeling…… feeling SO much LOVE!!!

And both of them share it witch pleasure and a very sweet openness.

It is as if I enter a warm ”bath”.

No criticism at all…. “just” a deep LOVE!

And the LOVE for each-other.

It really makes them both WHOLE!

Together they are as a sun to me.

I can’t see one of them without feeling ‘the other’.

I feel so grateful I’ve met those wonderful friends in my LIFE!

Both supporting me on my own Twin-Flame journey.

Since I can feel what is possible between Twins. I only feel a more intense and deep LOVE towards my own Divine Twin.

I never have met him in this earth-reality and I KNOW I can’t meet him as long he isn’t fully arrived in 5D!

A relationship on personality-level would destroy the sacredness of what IS now.

We are SO much more then our personality thinks.

And that’s exactly what I found with Fred and Lucina.

Their personalities are of non-importance IN the LOVE they share and express!

Thanks Fred, thanks Lucina, I LOVE you both. I LOVE your ONE-ness!”


And a response from her after I asked for permission to use the above.

“Thank you for asking if you are allowed to use my words.

Of course you are free to use them.

It’s a way of saying it this way: It is you and Lucina who created this. I’ve only put it into words!

And a fully YES about the importance of Twin Flames… because of you both, I realized as well the importance of the sacred Twin-Flame Union!

Living LOVE is bringing humanity back to their remembering that they just ARE LOVE! YOU ARE the change humanity needs to “see” in this world!

Please continue with the work you both are living! Thank you both for being YOU!”

And this about seeing Lucina

My whole system is in a huge change now and it is a lot I’ve to “digest” Still feel a bit “mixed” about realities.

Lucina is guiding/teaching me.

What a wonderful and sweet person!

And the way she moves… like a mermaid, but in the air!

While she is moving she can change colors… like a moving rainbow.

She is so playful as well!

We LOVE to laugh together. 

But…. We will talk.

I’ve got to slowdown a bit and not wanting to learn to much at once (Lucina said).

Here are more Testimonials

Fred and Lucina: Wow! I just finished reading "Fred's Twin Blog/Diary" from "In the Beginning" through "November, 2015". What an amazing story of hope, belief and passion! Thank you Fred and Lucinda for your courage in baring your souls! This is much more than a wonderful story of twin flames (which it certainly is!). For the persons who read it, it plants the seeds of many, many more 5th dimensional ideas and states of being which will blossom into Magnificence! You are inspiring us to be courageous ourselves! It prepares us all for the 5th Dimension! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Much love and light to you both! XXXXXXX
Hi Fred and Lucina, I have just gotten the name of my Twin from Fred yesterday (Feb 22). This day has been very special for me because as I awoke in the morning I heard a beautiful male voice singing "I just want to love you, have faith in me". I was so elated and I just knew it was my Twin calling to me. I then wrote Fred to ask when the service of providing my Twins name would be given. He informed me that he had written to me a couple of times because amongst the info my date of birth needed to be included. I immediately gave the required info and he replied quickly the name of my Twin. I also checked my junk mail, and there indeed was Fred's email. Lol! During the early part of that day, since I was feeling such a strong draw to my Twin I decided to go to my meditating room where I sit in my pyramid to try and connect with him. It was such a powerful meditation. My native guide was with me and he handed me his bow and arrow. I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do but then there appeared a target for shooting the arrow. I saw one arrow shoot the target and it hit the bullseye, and I knew then to shoot my arrow also. It hit the bullseye too. My Native guide then formed a circle and I knew he was forming a portal so that my Twin and I could reach and touch each other’s hand. This brought us together and there are no words to describe the joy. He then gave me a Merkaba crystal and placed it in my heart and I did the same for him. I have this knowing that is so strong that he is in my heart. A warm glowing where ever I go. This is all untraveled ground that I'm breaking, but as I go into meditation I know that I am guided on what to do next. Fred says raising my vibration that this will help with communication. I thought I would share this bit of my Twin Flame story. I hope it helps and encourages all you Twin Flames out there!
Blanche Rose
Hi all, have been working to connect with my twin now for a few days. Yesterday went for a hike with my dog and on the drive home told my twin I would be turning on the radio so if he had a message I was all ears. As I'm not religious and don't speak Spanish it took a few clicks but Stings Fields of Gold came on. I have always loved that song and almost never hear it on the radio. I got home and looked up the lyrics....then cried. At around 4am woke up to Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I laughed and told him that was THE PERFECT CHOICE! I do believe messages will be coming at all hours and in many different ways! Thanks for everything Fred and Lucina!
Dear Lucina and Fred, Thank you for the name of my beautiful Twin Flame, Sierra! What a supremely Divine gift you have given us both. Day 1, Thursday: I receive the name, Sierra! I am surprised. I like the name. A little later I see an image of a cardboard box with another box inside. The message is: “It needs to be unpacked.” Later I see an image of a walking suspension bridge with a high arch in the middle. The message is: “This Bridge must be crossed.” I send a telepathy of love through my heart to Sierra. My heart is full. Day 2, Friday: I start having all sorts of questions, so I write them down. I start receiving touches on the back of my head. It’s a tingling sensation. I see an image. In it Sierra shows me a small black suitcase which she opens up. She puts some papers in there (from Earth) and says to me: “We are taking these home.” Then she zips up the case. Day 3, Saturday: In the middle of the day while I am shopping, I receive a telepathy: “She loves me unconditionally because that’s what Twin Flames do.” I immediately start crying. I cry and cry. I feel like I am no longer alone. I feel like someone has my back. Another telepathy comes to me: “Receiving unconditional love from ones Twin Flame is like rocket fuel!” It really feels like rocket fuel. I receive more and more touches on the back of my head throughout the day. I read an article on Hollow Earth Network about Believing is Seeing. It rings true. It’s a paradigm shift from the conventional: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I can feel my paradigm is shifting. Day 4, Sunday: I’m watching a television show where the parties have just gotten married. The new bride says: “You swept me off my feet.” To which the new husband replies: “I promise you won’t be sorry. “ I simultaneously receive two very strong touching’s on the back of my head. Day 5, Monday: During my meditation I am saying the words from Lord Metatron: “I am allowing myself to receive love with ease” and I immediately receive a jolt, literally an electric jolt to my nervous system. Fred had told me over the weekend. “Watch for the jolt, it will be unmistakable.” I was surprised; I really didn’t expect it. I have never felt anything like this before. It was definitely unmistakable. Every day I am receiving touching’s on the back of my head when I think different thoughts. Now I am noticing that some are soft, some medium and some strong. One thought is: “Sierra has a fierce love for me.” I receive two strong touches on that one. I decide I am going to pay very close attention to these touches. Fred and Lucina tell me that these touches are from Sierra. I realize that Sierra is using three different ways of communicating with me, the touches, the jolt and the telepathies. Day 6, Tuesday: Today I receive the thought: “When you have your Twin, you are giddy.” I definitely feel giddy. In the meditation I say various intentions for the benefit of the world. But today, instead of saying: “I intend this, or that…” I am inspired to say: “We intend…” Today also in meditation I noticed that Sierra was snuggled in my arms! (Now how can I get anything done when this is happening!) I also receive an email today. In the email a group of people are standing in the shape of a heart. I realize that Sierra has sent me a love note. I’m elated. Day 7, Wednesday: I also receive another unexpected jolt during meditation. Sierra, what are you doing to me! Again during meditation, we are doing the meditation together. It feels so much stronger now. Later Fred and Lucina tell me: “Sierra thanks you for including her in your meditation. She loves you dearly.” (That’s an understatement!) Day 8, Thursday: Today during meditation I receive two VERY strong jolts, so strong that I involuntarily jerk backwards against the couch. I am thinking: Whoa! This 5th Dimensional energy can be super strong. No wonder we need to raise our vibration. If we don’t we can get blasted out by the energies of the 5th Dimension! In “our” meditation together I feel we are doing everything together. Yes, I am getting the touches all day as I think various thoughts, but during the meditation, for those moments it feels like we really ARE together. Now I want to meditate all day long! I continue to get “touches” throughout the day. I am really basking in all the attention because I know that with every ”touch” Sierra is loving me again and again and again. I want to shout it from the rooftops: Sierra I love you! I love you! I love you! Fred and Lucina, How can this get any better? You’re saying it will! Absolutely amazing! My heart is so full it is hard to focus and get any work done!
Sierra's Twin
Hello Fred. My connection was made and confirmed this morning. My twin and I had a very loving and passionate affair at the time of his ascension 2 years ago. I did not hear from him during my meditation, so this morning near the end I asked a question using the pendulum. The response was yes. After showering and dressing I went outside to a beautiful southern California morning and as I was sitting, my heart/mind told me my Roger(soul name Phoenix) wanted me to come into the bedroom where I had been playing Pandora on my computer. The sex was beautiful and our favorite song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross started playing. It was an incredible experience. All I can say is WOW! I am so looking forward to talking and hanging out whenever they may be. I will wait forever. Many thanks for all your help. Love and Light to you and Lucina.
Hello, Fred! It is with deep gratitude that you gave me the name of my twin soul. It has actually been very easy for me to communicate with him. I asked him to show me in my body when he is here with me when I am unaware. My head fills first and then the energy moves through my body with a tingling sensation down to my toes! When I call him in, I feel it! He loves that I have a beautiful glass structure of a man and a woman intertwined. Sometimes I just hold it to call him in... He is fun! I know his love. He will hold me at night. Also I wanted to tell you that the video you shared helped me a lot, Fred. I encourage others to view it if they skipped over it. The discussion was honest and I could feel my body resonating with the truth of which you shared.
Katherine Nuyens
I just received the name of my twin flame and within less than a second I knew the human form. I had a very strong "suspicion" who it was/is before I made the request. But indeed, the email name revealed to me today - triggered the reveal with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. The first person describe is my T.F.
Good Morning Fred and Lucina, I feel my twin (Phoenix) is with me as I am gardening. I have only used the pendulum while I meditate in my special place in my bedroom. Is it okay if I use it outside in my garden? Is it recommended that I wear my headband when I am using the pendulum? I carry on conversations with Phoenix all the time now. I can only imagine the amount of love on the planet as the joining of twin’s swells. Feeling this kind of love puts you in a natural high!
WOW!!! I received my twins name yesterday afternoon. With excitement I did not write it down and as I went to sleep I thought about the name which I thought was correct. This a.m. I had a dream and the individual that he was in that it was a former lover and now a reconnected friend after not speaking for about 4 years. He resides in Washington State from which I relocated to NM 20 years ago. The feelings and sensations were very pleasant and lovely, actually YUMMY! Our interactions was fun, delightful, joyous and very enjoyable in this dream. The sensations continued for quite some time as I remained in bed contemplating the sensations and they continued for quite some time. Now my question is - (and I will find out by applying the suggested steps that Fred has listed) should I take this dream to heart or is this a possible method that my twin is attempting to communicate with me?
Kathryn M.
Several weeks ago I received my twin flames name! At first, I called him Aaren like Aaron here. After 2 days, which initially was so blissful, there were a few days that went by where I did not feel a connection. The next day I heard the way his name was spoken and that was Ah-ren. Within days, Aaren and I had the most sensual/sexual experience together... like that I have never experienced! For an hour afterwards I stayed in that wondrous place and held that vibration!! I am a Gramma and love my two grand children! I was out swinging with Riley (2) and a Crane going east to west went by. Native American tradition and spirituality and honoring all things is very inspiring to me! Especially the winged ones. My Animal Speaks book said this Crane was about creation! I had my pendulum and asked if Aaren sent or influenced this and I got a yes! Well, the little ones and I went in for lunch and about 2 hours later we went back out for one more swinging session before I had to go home. Within minutes of swinging Riley that crane flew overhead but this time it was from west to east and much much higher in the sky! I simply smiled and I knew this was relevant to a beautiful knowing that I am getting to know that Aaren is here with me. All the experiences I have been having, it seems, were to know more about my twin flame, Aaren. The splendor of knowing my twin flame has opened my life up in ways I would never had imaged. For 27 years I have been single. The joy and peace in my life since knowing this has been so wholesome and lovely. Today, Sunday, I was preparing some food in the kitchen. I was slicing veggies, the stove to my right and I was standing at the sink next to it. A special, I had saved with Darius Rucker was on. He introduced a producer/writer named Frank Rogers to join him. Frank explained why he wrote this song and then started the song!! What happened next eliminated any "question" I had in my heart or mind about knowing my twin flame, Aaren! As I was standing at the sink, I felt this overwhelming energy of love's essence come to me from behind me! I knew it was Aaren! He held and caressed me. Instantaneously, as Aaren came to hold me, this song started!!!!!!! Don't move, Baby don't move, I look at you and I just want to take this in, Moon light dancing off your skin. Our time, just take our time I just look into your eyes and catch my breath Baby, I got a feeling, this could be one of those memories, We want to hold on to, cling to, one that we can't forget!!! Baby, this could be our last first kiss to hold onto forever, What if this was that moment, that chance worth taking, History in the making!!!!!!!! Every word of this song felt like he was saying those words to me!! It was the most joyous and the most perfect heartfelt cry of gratitude I have ever felt! The energy was so astoundingly all encompassing in love and light! I know I am illuminating more light for sure, with this love and peace and joy I am experiencing now!!
Some weeks ago I received my twin flames' name from Fred and Lucina. -I have heard from my Twin throughout the years of my life; in some dreams when I was in high school, and college. She has given me leads or hints here and there. Then there was a time in Mar of '99 to where I was woken up out of a deep sleep, and clear as a bell I heard "David, I Will Always Love You". Of-course after hearing the one you miss and long for Dearly in this life, -yet did not know who she was or the means on how to connect with her, or how to get in-touch with, this and the other experiences always shook me for days on end, ending in despair in not knowing a solid way to Find (connect with) Her. A friend told me of this website in March of this year, and as she explained and told me the definition and what a Twin Flame was, my heart and soul body immediately began to quiver and shake (because she has been my goal throughout my life, to return Home to her again), as I knew that if there was a way, that I had to contact Fred and try whatever I could on (my end) to find out her name and work to contact and connect with her. I have had some successes with keeping a fairly consistent schedule of meditating and working to connect and talk with her same place in the morning or evenings. With some luck, -soft audible connections on being able to hear her. I am more an aural person (able to hear vibrations and energy shifts in things around me). Upon one of our soft connections I asked her to contact me or make her presence known, by changing the vibrations in what I hear, in order to sense her, or, if I am on a right or wrong track, -it has helped and worked pretty well. this past Friday, decided to try something new to see if I could strengthen our connection more to communicate. I did this by calling her repeatedly in my head and heart over and over and over, "Aurora My Love", almost as invoking Her to me. well doing just that helped me to 'feel' and sense her near me, and also to see some flares of her energy through the veil. Will have to try it more, the thing that really helped was how I Longed to connect with her, how much I miss her, and want to be with her again, and I was very Very Sincere in calling out to her. Hope this may help some that are finding their way back home to their Twin. I still have far to go, but hope to help others on their path.
David B.
Dear Fred & Lucina, It has been a 'hard ride', but I know it will get better. You have both - Together been an inspiration to us. Please know that this 'ride' is due to get easier soon, I can just feel it. We are all releasing this 'multitudes of past life karma', and such. Can you believe, last night I had very very unusual dreams, that seemed very 'negative', which is VERY unusual for me! So, just know you are appreciated. AND by the way, just to re-capitulate your 'twin flame reading'. I had a Michael ElLegion masters reading a few weeks after you told me that 'Jupiter' is my Twin Flame. At the end of the the Ashtar channel (Rojan & Aphrodite also came in) 🙂 I had a Q & A session. I asked if he could verify 'Jupiter' as my Twin. So, Ashtar did! (He is the Solar Record-Keeper, and my higher self is also a record keeper, (among many many other things, multi- dimensionally). So, I just wanted to encourage you, as you have me.
Dear Fred, at last, I think there was contact with my twin. Last week, In a dream, a voice said there is a message for..my name. I never got the message. I remember dreams now. I told myself to remember them. This morning sitting in the sun outside, birds singing in the trees, I tried Alpha training (Silva mind control). Sitting in the summerhouse I once created, with a staircase going upwards, Something glittering like a Star, not really a body, came down. I asked questions, got answers, my own??What I saw was very beautiful. A kaleidoscope of golden and violet Light, changing all the time with geometrics I can’t describe. There was said “you will be coming home soon, the time is up….” Afterwards I tried to see the same things but couldn’t. Was my twin there? My pendulum says it was indeed Sirius (my Twin). You may put this on your forum if you think it adequate. Thank you very much for all the time you take to answer me and others!
Sunday afternoon I was napping and in my dream I saw her! Face to face we were! The sweetest face and bluest eyes. I woke up and said, "it was you, wasn't it?" She said, "yes it was me! I'm on the New Jerusalem and I love you over the rainbow!" Thank you Samuel and Lucina so much! And guess what song started playing? And then I saw her Face, now I'm a believer. Not a trace of doubt in my mind... mmmmmmmmm... I'm a believer. I couldn't leave her if I tried! You have helped change my life, Fred, AND ONLY 6 DAYS AFTER GETTING HER NAME FROM YOU and LUCINA! I'm amazed and HaPpY! Thank you and namaste!
I did ask at some point (via my pendulum) if he was my Twin Flame and he said yes. Several weeks later I contacted Fred and asked for the name of my Twin Flame, which he gave me as Dallen. Fred said that from the sounds of it, Jim was my Twin Flame. In meditation the next day after Fred's e-mail, this was confirmed when I asked Dallen. Later, I was in my bathroom getting ready for the day and out of nowhere a voice said "Welcome" and it was Dallen. He is incarnated, obviously, and lives and works within a mile of my home. In our past lifetimes we had a deep and abiding love for each other and in each, Jim promised to always take care of me. So the morning of my surgery our hearts connected and he was there to comfort and take care of me. He often checks in with me during the day but most often spends time with me just before I go to sleep at night, it is when we have conversations. Even though we have not connected in the physical world, we are together in spirit and it's pretty amazing. I've not heard from him on the physical plane but he has assured me in spirit that it won't be long before we do.
Sherry Harvey
As I pronounced my Twins name, he answered right away "Hi Queen". Fred, YOU ARE A GIFT TO HUMANITY, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH FOR THIS. Since about the age of 13 I began to feel like I had a missing part in my heart, like my recipient needed to be fill with the resonance of another recipient that could contain mine, even though I found people along the way I still felt I wasn’t complete I JUST FOUND, WHAT I NEEDED TO BE COMPLETE! THANKS TO YOU!
Hi Fred, I wanted to thank you and Lucina for your dedication and service to all. Two days ago I received my Twin's name from you. The night before I received it I had called upon my twin (without their name) and felt them in my presence. I asked for him to wrap himself around me so I could feel him and within seconds I felt a cooler air run down my arms and torso so much that it sent shivers down my body and gave me goosebumps. Then I felt a pressure against the side of my right cheek as if he were resting his cheek against mine. Then I felt a cool air and tingling on my upper lip and I was certain he had kissed me. I asked him to send me a song upon waking the next morning. That morning I woke up to the song "lovely day" by Bill Withers in my head. I immediately went onto youtube to search the song name and read the lyrics. I knew it was him speaking to me. Then I pressed the back button to leave youtube and instead I was taken to the video "Just the two of us". It was a beautiful morning indeed of twin flame communication. Shortly after this, I received his name from you via email. I used my pendulum to start speaking with him and discovered he is incarnated here on earth but we haven't met yet. We don't live in the same state either but according to my pendulum we will meet next year. Last night in meditation, I called upon him to help me remember who I am. I saw his face and was able to look into his eyes and touch his face (which he has dimples :)). We stood in a forest barefoot and soon rose up into the galaxies just the two of us. My name soon came to me and I believe it is Sahara as I confirmed it 3x with my pendulum. Thank you very much for assisting us all in this beautiful reuniting experience. Appreciation to you all!
Dear Fred, Many thanks to you and Lucina for your help. Just wanted to let you know that I had an experience the night after I received your email. I was awake but trying to fall asleep at the time it happened. I was standing there in my mind's eye and someone came up next to me and introduced herself as Lucina. Her name actually appeared to me in written form and I felt her presence. Then my twin walked up next to me on my other side and sent me a pulse of energy. It was pretty amazing! I felt like Lucina brought my twin and me together and helped us to connect in that energetic way. Also, the following night I was asking for guidance to find out if the man I know in the physical is actually my twin. I was sent a 3rd eye vision of the name you and Lucina gave me of his higher self (XXXXX) and it was superimposed by the nickname of his physical self (XXX). That helped confirm for me that I have already met my twin in the physical. We are not currently in physical union; but we are both very aware of the connection and we are definitely united and connecting at a higher level (and during dreamtime). Thanks a million for your help and guidance in this twin flame journey! It is so nice to get some specifics on how to navigate the connection. It is great to know I am not alone in this. I plan to read over the information on your website and absorb it thoroughly. Thanks again and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your lovely twin!
Hi Fred, I have been meaning to write this to you but I guess now is the right time. I cannot thank you enough for helping me find my twin on the soul level. I knew I had not met him yet but that I would early this year. Last month I finally met him. Our connection was incredible and off the charts of anything I can remember feeling for someone else especially in a first encounter. Aside from there being confirmations about little things (like his height, job, kids, relationship status which I already knew before he told me in 3D) there were a couple of major signs that blew me out of the water to confirm he was my twin. One being that the first time I saw him in my meditation, dimples seemed to be a very distinct feature about him (even though I could never fully see his face). Well I find out that his last name means the dimple on the chin. Then, a few months ago from a Mayan reader I found out that I had been a fire ceremonial leader in past lives. I also had this confirmation from Arch Angel Michael in a meditation before this Mayan reader told me so. Since then, fire/flame has been a huge part of my meditation journey. So the evening I met my twin, we were talking about our heritage and he mentioned he did a DNA test. He told me the coolest part of his heritage was that he was from a Canadian Native Tribe (I am Canadian, he is American) called the Fire Starters. My jaw dropped and in that instant I just knew. For it to even come up in discussion the night we met was of no coincidence. Then the most incredible confirmation came later in the night in my dreams. In my dream I was in a bedroom I have never been in before. I was standing at the doorway of a walk-in closet looking in, and I was naked. The light to the closet was on. All of a sudden I felt XXXXX energy come to me and this intense sexual energy overcame me. We started kissing, even though I was kissing the air...I felt like I was kissing him. It was strange to watch me kissing nothing and yet know I was kissing him. Then he moved what felt like his hands on my body and the sexual energy intensified greatly. I knew that he wanted to carry me to the bed...but my 3D mind was like this is crazy...there is no one to carry me to the bed...I will fall on the ground. But my 5D self, XXXXXX, told me to let go of my mind's limitations and allow it to happen. So I did...and I was carried to the bed where we made love. Just as we were both about to climax...the energy above me became physical and the man I met that night, XXXXXX, appeared on the bed with me as he climaxed. I was shocked in my dream and jumped off the bed wondering what was going on...but I understood. Since that night however, I haven't heard from him (the physical Twin). He has my number but we were both dating someone else albeit casually on both ends. 5 Days later he came to me in another dream...I was sitting in a waiting room (very apropos haha) and he walked in with his ex-wife and son. He sat beside me as they went to check the son in for an appointment. He looked at me and said, "I am sorry I have not called you yet. I am not sure I am finished yet with this relationship and am not ready to say no to these feelings." I told him, "That's ok. I am not here to get in the way of anyone's love." I could tell he was torn, and he got up to be close to me as he did the night we met (he never left my side from the moment we met despite all of his friends surrounding us that night.) But then the son and ex-wife came back and he went back to his chair. He has been sending me many messages since through his higher self, XXXX and I know that the time will be soon for us as I feel it the same way I did a week or 2 before we met...I knew that was happening as well. It has been incredibly helpful and comforting to still connect with XXXX and have him connect to me through this whole process so I thank you again for your service in helping us twins reunite. At the moment I am in a waiting period but I know in my soul that the time for us is very near. I am excited to have our TLC calls back on again and look forward to tomorrow. I hope you are well, Fred and that many blessings continue to come your way. Blessings!
I want to tell you story…. just because I feel a need to…. It is maybe only about one week ago I found out about the existence of Fred Greaves. I saw a video on you tube….. Don’t know how that happened. I became curious and took a look on his web-sites and I found out about the amazing story of him and Lucina/Sherryl…. I contacted Fred and I even made an appointment to talk with him…. I can talk to Lucina too now…. I can tell you… I’ve met 2 wonderful BE-ings…. In one way I can’t remember exactly what I “shared” with both of them…. But….. they both entered IN my heart! The LOVE they share, the way they appreciate and LOVE each-other….. That's beyond words….. “How” can I express what I feel about them if it can’t be put into words? It’s feeling, feeling, feeling…… feeling SO much LOVE!!! And both of them share it witch pleasure and a very sweet openness. It is as if I enter a warm ”bath”. No criticism at all…. “just” a deep LOVE! And the LOVE for each-other…… It really makes them both WHOLE! Together they are as a sun to me… I can’t see one of them without feeling ‘the other’. I feel so grateful I’ve met those wonderful friends in my LIFE! Both supporting me on my own Twin-Flame journey….. Since I can feel what is possible between Twins….. I only feel a more intense and deep LOVE towards my own Divine Twin. I never have met him in this earth-reality and I KNOW I can’t meet him as long he isn’t fully arrived in 5D….. A relationship on personality-level would destroy the sacredness of what IS now….. We are SO much more then our personality thinks….. And that’s exactly what I found with Fred and Lucina…. Their personalities are of non-importance IN the LOVE they share and express! Thanks Fred, thanks Lucina I LOVE you both…. I LOVE your ONE-ness! My whole system is in a huge change now and it is a lot I’ve to “digest” Still feel a bit “mixed” about realities….. Lucina is guiding/teaching me….. What a wonderful and sweet person! And the way she moves….. like a mermaid, but in the air….. While she is moving she can change colors… like a moving rainbow. She is so playful as well! We LOVE to laugh together…..
Good Morning Fred, Here is my story, feel free to use my name and any portions of it as once I started writing, found the information just started pouring out of me LOL! In December,1969 I was at a crossroads in my marriage. I had made the decision to take my 3 young children and strike out in a separate life without conflict. Strangely I was drawn to attend the office Christmas party with some co-workers after completing the swing shift that we were on. I was asked to dance by a young man (4yeats younger than I) and afterwards we went back to our table where I bent down to pick up my purse that had fallen and as I leaned down to retrieve it I was met with a kiss that brought a feeling of such pleasure and peace. I was puzzled at first since obviously it was known that I was married and this man was recently out of college and single. We were so drawn to one another that we started an affair that lasted for several months. We knew it was an impossible situation and as "fate" would have he was forced to leave the company and moved to another state and I worked harder in making my marriage "work" for obvious reasons..."my children". In 1981 I received word from an acquaintance that "my Roger" had married and I was happy for him feeling that I could finally release him from my thoughts, yet I never stopped loving him and never communicated with him. In 2011, my husband ascended after a long illness. after 2 1/2 years I was drawn to attempt a re-connection with Roger via his college alumni association who obligingly sent him my email and phone number. And so on October 31, 2013 out paths led us once more to together. He had separated from his wife 2 1/2 years earlier; I lived hin southern California and he lived in norther California. I was still working and he had retired. None the less we worked out being together every other weekend and the love and the passion flourished once more with "no obstacles" this time. It was pure joy being together again. We were like "2 peas in a pod". When we looked at each other it was as though no time had passed. He could seduce me with his eyes. We had planned a trip for the 3rd week of May,2014, In fact he had already had his suit case partially packed for the upcoming trip with me to attend my granddaughter's college graduation and then off to Chicago since he had never been there and I had been born and raised there. He was excited about seeing the Cubs play the Yankees at Wrigley Field and visiting many of my "old haunts" as he called them. On Mothers Day morning, May 10,2014 I received a call from Roger's son. Before he even spoke I knew that Roger was gone. His son was so filled with grief that he couldn't tell me at first that Roger had commit suicide. After 3 separate phone conversations that day, he finally revealed the details of his father leaving notes on his front door and his back door of his home that read "Call 911, Body upstairs", Roger had gone upstairs, wrapped himself in a blanket and shot himself. It was determined that Roger's body was at toxic levels from Prozac., a drug that I did not know he was taking. It is at times like this, when you really do some soul searching. My oldest son was already listening to the calls on the Hollow Earth Network and so I my journey led me to join in. I connected with Anne Dehart who recommended a life reading with Michael Ellegion. Prior to that reading, I had received an email on my cell phone which came as "No Sender, No Message and only the date 12/31/1969" This email never came thru on my desk top only on my cell phone, the emails increased after Michael Ellegion channeled Ashtar's messages in which I was told that Roger would be in touch with me! Soon Anne shared the news of Fred Greaves and his twinflame project. I came to know Roger's soul name is Phoenix and thru Phoenix I came to know my soul name is Cairo. I was by now just beginning to wear my copper head band, having ordered one from Christine. One sun filled morning as I was sitting in my garden, I was drawn inside to my bedroom where the sone "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Rossa was playing. This had been our sond since early 1970. These loving, romantic energies permeated my being and there was no doubt that I was connected to my Roger.I began receiving messages by way of music and then ten as I would be awakening from a sleep/dream state. The ones that immediately come to mind are: "Go and get a can of nuts from See's for protein". Up until that time I had tried unsuccessfully to give up meat. From that moment on eliminated all meate from my diet!. A second message a few months later came thru "There will be a precious moment when you will see my eyes" There goes that "eye connection" again as I could look into his eyes and I was just lost in love with him! Roger's communications come sometimes with merely words in a publication. For instance. as I was returning home froma walk, a newspaper caught y eye as I walked by with a bold prin "Two hears in love need no words" I have my Phoenix with me 24/7 and there is never any doubt. Last week I was suffering so badly with neck and back pain that I had to go to a chiropractor. Phoenix must have orchestrated my being drawn to the perfect holistic one for there is such a calming peace in this treatment. Ascension Symptoms I assume. With Much Love
I have been blessed to have Fred tell me the name of my Twin Flame, Kristof. I can feel his energy and hold him close. Kristof is sending me an aspect of himself to be here with me on earth. I have heard a lot of information about this new man and am patiently waiting for the Divine Timing of us to meet. His wife died a few years ago and he is ready for a ' new relationship. We are to experience a pretty blissful relationship and I am grateful.
Katherine Nuyens
Hello Fred and Lucina, Know what a wonderful time you two have each and every day and Phoenix and I are so very happy for you! As I was coming out of my dream state early this morning, Phoenix said to me "There will be a precious moment when you will see my eyes" I found that to be so romantic and inspiring as when he was here with me over 2 years ago, I would look into his eyes and find I was just mesmerized. I told him that he could seduce me with his eyes. LOL! After meditation, I used my pendulum to ask him if this was just between the two of us or should I share it. He responded that I was to share and so I have. Anyway I am sure our consciousness levels have greatly increased with all of the energies that are bombarding us. I began sun gazing and sometimes it is challenging as we have been having low clouds in the morning and evening, so I sun gazed every day that I can within the first hour of the rising or within one hour prior to sun down. Always enjoy your stories. So up lifting,
Yes, yes, yes please share our story. You may use my name along with Phoenix for we are two hearts beating at the the same rate. We are One. I want to add that a few weeks ago as I was awakening from an afternoon nap, he was shouting at me to go and get a can of mixed nuts from See's for protein and at the moment I felt the time had come to totally cleanse my diet of any meats, which I have. I have no desire whatsoever to eat any more meat. Believe me I had tried in the past and was not successful; but this time I had no craving for meat or fish. Nothing "with eyes" as Zorra says Life is good. You have my permission to share my stories with my name and Phoenix' name. After my 3 o'clock World Peace meditation, I talked to Phoenix and shared your message. The pendulum swings back and forth so quickly, he's cheering me on. I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me as I completed my chores this afternoon, which I consider rather mundane, but he said yes to that too. How very much in love am I with him and so blessed that he is my twin flame. Looking forward to sharing future stories and reading your and Lucina's.
Hi Fred ! You not gonna believe it but a friend of mine live on Madison street and when I first heard the name not long ago I was thinking "what a beautiful name " and I felt good cause the name resonated so much at the time with me and never stoping songs persisted in my mind in that period then ! Thank you for bringing the most important news for me right now! Namaste!
And here are two, about receiving fairy's from Fred
Fred, I just wanted to let you know that I have never received a gift that was so special in my life as the introduction to Lily. I don't know what or how she did it but I am experiencing a joyfulness that I just can't describe. It also feels as if my inner child is now coming out from being buried under years of seriousness, pain and a host of other emotions. I feel like I am flying. I have been having tears of joy and I feel more alive than I have in more years than I can count.​ I want to run and jump and laugh and dance around. Energy is swirling around and thru me. I feel very light. My inner child has been released from its imprisonment. I almost don't know how to act. Lily is the most special gift and there are just no words that can fully describe my appreciation. You are indeed a very special friend.
Just had to share.....Merilina is fantastic. She said to thank you for sending her here. She is meeting all sorts of wonderful beings and elementals. She went to yoga with me this morning. She said she wanted to sit in the back and watch. Well about halfway through the class this music with alot of drumming in it came on. Well she loved the music so much she started dancing, swinging her little hips all over the place and she called in some friends to dance with her and do hip bumps! She was so hysterical that I had to concentrate really hard not to burst out laughing in the middle of class. There's more but I will save it for another time! Hope you are having a great day. Stay warm!