Two Powerful Invocations (Repeat Daily)

On a recent show, Nicole and Fred shared 2 invocations that can help you shift your energy into a frequency that assists you. If you missed the show you can still listen to the replay, but we are sharing these incredible tools with the words you can say for each one.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

These tools will powerfully protect us against any lower energies you may or may not be aware of, and erase and transmute others we have accumulated over the centuries. They assist you in raising your vibrations and can be a very powerful tool to start your meditations/quiet time. Here is Fred’s invocation for you to use or edit as you feel is right for you.

I do this twice a day, once a soon as I wake, and then right before bed.

First stand on the floor with your arms by your side, hands straight out with the palms facing the ground. Then repeat this invocation 3 times:

” I am the mighty violet consuming flame, now and forever consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record. I am that I am.”

If you can visualize the flame within your being, expanding beyond your physical body into your mental, emotional, and etheric bodies (imagine it like your aura) then this will amplify the violet flame’s transmutation.

Here is a photo taken of the sun that show’s St. Germain’s violet flame in orb form! You can also see our second sun below which Lucina (Fred’s Divine Twin from the higher realms) shared with him, and is actually Sirius A!

Click to learn more on the Violet Flame.

Ashtar’s Pillar of White Light

Using protection as you raise your frequency is something you want to consider. As you expand your energies, you open yourself up to other energies you may not want in your field. This invocation is a great tool to assist in your protection. Having the intention is powerful on it’s own but creating the white light around you amplifies it further.

Nicole uses this invocation to bring forth Ashtar’s Pillar of White Light:

“I call upon Ashtar of the Ashtar Command to lower your pillar of protective white light over me. I ask that this pillar connect with mother earth and continue to send its energies 1000 feet below her surface, connecting with the harmonic energy fields and sealing off my protection. I ask that the walls be strengthened and intensified, becoming impermeable to all imperfect vibratory rates. Please extend this protection into my meditation, and to all beings of light and love that wish to communicate with me.”

Fred uses this short invocation, twice a day (same as above). When I wake, and before bed.

I stand straight up and on the floor, with my hands right above my head in a praying motion…pointing to my I am presence. As a repeat these words I separate my hands and straighten my arms and pull them down each side and imagine putting that protective pillar around me…like a cocoon.

Then I repeat these words.

“Lord Ashtar please put me in your Protective Pillar of White Light. Keep me insulated from anything that does not vibrate with the light,  as I know now that I am Pure love and light now…so be it.”

Again, please feel free to edit this invocation if you feel guided to. It is so important to listen to your own inner guidance.

It is also very important to do this daily, as we all need protection, and have much clearing from all our lifetimes here on Planet Earth.

We hope that these tools offer you assistance in your ascension process and day to day living. If you have any questions please feel free to send them to us at