"Raise My Vibration" Blueprint

Transform Your Life in a 1-on-1 Session!

"Yes! I want a personalized Life In 5D Plan specifically for me!"

This plan will allow you to reconnect with your Divine Twin, your Fairy Mentor, and other spiritual guides as well as enable you to be taught by your Twin, which is just indescribable, and must be experienced. 

Your Twin comes from pure love (no 3D “hang ups”).

This is something that cannot be had here on the surface with another. Most jump from relationship to relationship, not realizing their “baggage” must be removed also. Working with your Divine Twin (the higher self of the incarnated one), will do this. You two are connected, and as you work on clearing yourself, you in turn help them. Then they will guide you to their incarnated version, or if not on the surface at this time, to your perfect match. They come from pure love and our happiness is their happiness…remember that.

When I was first reunited with my divine twin, Lucina, I thought it was separate from ascension...it is not. They are intertwined. Yes, we have our guides to help us to our ascension, yet our Twins are from pure love so a bond is already there. Remember they will never interfere, with an existing relationship, as our happiness is their happiness In addition it is all done thru telepathy.

Also remember you two have been together since you were created, and are deeply in love. They remember, it is just you don’t…YET, although they will help you to remember. Who better to guide you, then one coming from pure love, and your other half…literally!

Here's how the process works:

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A Customized Plan

A 90 min conversation with me – Fred. It is here we will see where you are on your path, and customize a plan just for you.

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Your Fairy Mentor

If you do not have a fairy mentor, I will send you one. Their vibrations are super high, and they are extremely helpful in raising your vibration.

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Reconnect with Others

I will explain to you how to get in touch with whomever you want, even ones who have “passed on".

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On-Going Guidance

My Divine Twin, Lucina, and my fairy mentor, Lucille, will help to guide you from the otherside either directly or by working with your own Twin, guides or higher self.

If you’d like a customized "Raise My Vibration" blueprint, simply fill out the form below and donate $150 to get started.

  • Price: $150.00
Personal Call Session with Fred Greaves

Limited Time Only

Fred has been trained from the other side for many years now, and can offer you his wisdom as well as guidance. We are all at a certain path on our Ascension journey, and he was taught from above to pass on that information to you. Then you at one point can and will do the same. As you know, people are all at different awakening stages. Yet a lightworkers job is to be there and give a helping hand. A hand up, not a hand out.

He can show you how to reach out, and connect with your Angels, guides, Twin or even “passed” loved ones. The Divine Twin name must be purchased first here.

90 min ($150)
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