Tools for Ascension

This site was designed to help lightworkers awaken. Think of this as your alarm clock, and time to get up. Some are still in a deep slumber, and do not even realize they are lightworkers. Yet once you “lighten” up your body, physically and energetically, you will.

Explained well this short (8 min) video:

What can this site do for you?

  • Think of this website as a “one stop shopping” type of place. Not so much for products, as for information.
  • When you raise your vibration and open your heartmind, a journey begins that only puts the information you need in front of you.
  • There are only a few tools you need and it all starts with opening your heartmind.
  • There are also articles on this site that are probably from some of your favorite channels/authors. So there is no need to go elsewhere. As a matter of fact that is one of the keys. Keep the information sources at a minimum. Less confusion, and opinions from others.

So in order to help one move from the dense energies of the 3rd dimension, to the lighter ones of the 5th and higher dimensions, the site is comprised of 3 main sections that address the body, mind and soul. I would like all to realize this though, and that this information along with the recommendations it makes, are the direct result of being “trained” in the 5th dimensional ways for a few years now.

Some of you may not know me although my name is Fred Greaves, and while I am part of a team of lightworkers here to bring the higher energies to this planet, this website has been designed by me as a “sifter” of information and tools out there.

I was reunited with my Divine Twin who “passed” in 1981, when she began to reach out to me from behind the veil, starting in the year 2012. Our story is on, yet I have taken recommendations and guidance from her, and made a website for “Tools of Ascension”. She told me directly from the very beginning it is all about love and always has been…love is the answer.

There is a lot of information out there, and some purposely, because as I was to find out the more simple it is, the faster you climb out of the lower realms. The mass confusion of going here, there, and everywhere for information or products is from duality and will keep us here in the lower dimensions. It is when we transcend that barrier, learn life is meant to be enjoyed, and we are unlimited beings do we ascend to the higher realms.

Note: Very important, read everything on this entire site. Especially “why we are here” in the soul section. Remember where this information comes from. Not from me per se, yet from above. 

Most don’t understand we are Light Beings and we are not the flesh and blood we see in the mirror.

See this 3 minute video:

It is time to wake up, and this is your alarm clock!